1 Samuel 3-4

Samuel is truly one of the Bible’s best characters. He is called young and never strays from the LORD. This is extra impressive, because it’s pretty clear this isn’t a bright time in Israel’s history. They were supposed to come in to the Promised Land and be God’s example of love, wisdom, power and goodness to everyone who passed through (which, historically and geographically, they were the major pit stop on the world’s only highway at the time). Instead they were twisting His designs to be self serving and were just as jacked up and oppressive as everyone else.

They used God’s blessing for their own selfish gain. Later, they take the Name of the Lord, which He had made Great in the eyes of the nations through His power displayed during the Exodus, and defame it.

We won’t ever be in a situation where we’re being a Levitical priest wrong, or misusing the ark of the LORD in a war, but multiple times a day we are faced with a decision about what our lives will tell the people around us about God.

This is super intimidating. It should be. We’re not supposed to just know it all on our own. That’s why God SPEAKS TO US

Read this account of the patient, gentle way God begins a dynamic life long relationship with little boy Samuel. Then take some time today to listen after saying, “speak, for Your servant hears.”


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